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LGBTQ Republican Group Claims the ‘Gays Love Melania’ in Embarrassing and Cringe-Worthy Video

Log Cabin Republicans seem to be doing a lot of hand-holding with former first lady Melania Trump. On Saturday, the group of conservative gay Republicans presented her with their yearly “Spirit of Lincoln” award at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, November 6.

According to PinkNews, Melania, who was, of course, the guest of honor, was lauded for “making history as ‘the first Republican lady to ever support our community,’ admittedly a low bar to clear.”

Richard Grenell, the Trump administration’s former Ambassador to Germany, who at one point in August 2020, claimed Trump had charmed German Chancellor Angela Merkel. All I can say here is you’d have to live on Mars or be comatose if you don’t know that Merkel regards Trump as an insufferable idiot. She’s not wrong.

But Grenell, like many Republicans, seems to live in an alternate universe and this was no different during Saturday’s event when he went all gushy about the former first lady.

“From the moment I met first lady Melania Trump at the beginning of the Trump administration, I knew our community had an advocate.”

“I’m not sure where she got her passion for equality, but it was there, and it was real,” Grenell said, and then proceeded to go off the deep end. “Maybe it’s because she’s the most international first lady we’ve ever had? She speaks so many languages, understands so many cultures, appreciates diversity.”

Melania is clearly intelligent and definitely more tolerant than her husband but it’s debatable that she “speaks so many languages” and she’s pretty much stood by as her husband promoted widespread racism in the U.S. She’s even supported Donald Trump’s demonstrably false birtherism claims about former President Barack Obama.

This seems to be lost on Grenell and the other Log Cabin Republicans who also offered mushy sentiments over the former first lady.

“Let’s be honest, the gays love first lady Melania Trump. Now don’t get me wrong, we love Trump too, but man she made him look good!” one person said.

“She’s smart, she’s fashionable, she’s stylish,” another person said. “She’s a great friend to the LGBT community and an inspiration to millions of people.”

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She did, in fact, offer vocal support for Log Cabin Republicans for their 2020 Outspoken campaign in the video below.

At one point Melania also tried to light up the White House in rainbow colors during Pride Month but she never spoke out against Trump’s decidedly anti-LGBT+ policies. She also glossed over his horrible record (including things like opposing The Equality Act, which was fortunately passed by the House, thus giving non-discrimination protections to LGBTQ+ people, and his appointing anti-LGBTQ+ judges).

You know, things like that.

She also stood by as Trump banned trans people from military service, allowed federal adoption agencies to reject gay couples, and implemented other harmful policies but apparently, that’s okay with the Log Cabin crew.

Because all hail Melania Trump!

Fortunately, the Twitterati ain’t buying it.

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