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MAGA Woman Carrying Trump Flag Dragged to Jail After Smacking Passenger at Phoenix Airport

At Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, a woman was recently caught carrying around a Trump flag, clearly trying to make a statement. However, when she saw someone recording her, she immediately became angry and smacked the phone of her hand. In a rare moment of justice, she was immediately approached by airport security and arrested.

In the video, the Trump supporter approaches the woman with her phone out and says, “Are you recording me?” Then, three times in a row, she asks, “Do you have permission to record me?” When she doesn’t get a response from the woman right away, she proceeds to hit her phone so it flies out of her hand.

She is then approached by multiple security officers, who tell her that she does not have permission to smack anyone. She replies that she doesn’t care because the woman doesn’t have permission to record her, and is promptly taken away by the two security guards. Hopefully this helped her learn a lesson, although sometimes it feels like most of Trump’s followers never do.

Even as she speaks, the officers gently grab the woman’s wrists and pull them behind her. As they begin leading her away, the woman announces that “its okay, I already have a lawsuit.” She repeats this claim in a singsong voice in the video’s final moments, as the officers escort her offscreen.

It’s interesting to see the fanatic Trump supporter compare physical vi0lence to someone recording on their phone, especially in light of the Rittenhouse case. The amount of hypocrisy seen in the far right extremist community is overwhelming. In the video, it is clear that the Trump supporter is already bristling and confrontational when approaching the woman, clearly intent on having a negative encounter before the interaction even starts.

Plus, it’s an airport. A public place. So video recording is pretty much fair game. But I highly doubt the Trump supporter really cares or understands the law.

Despite how most Republicans will likely react to the video, any adult who has to be told “You don’t have permission to smack people” in a public place in probably the one who is in the wrong. The video is available on Twitter for anyone who wants to see yet another case of violent behavior from Trump’s extremist followers.

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?


Veronica O'Brien
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