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Meadows Says House GOPers Who Voted for Infrastructure Bill Should be Punished for ‘Giving Biden a Win’

Former chair of the Tea Party-based “House Freedom Caucus” Mark Meadows appeared on Steve Bannon’s show on Tuesday to complain about the 13 Republican House members who voted with Democrats to pass the recent infrastructure bill.

It’s an interesting way to make your priorities public. Clearly, Meadows is completely fine with Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene helping to plan the January 6 riot, spouting off about “Jewish space lasers,” and saying that school sh00tings were staged as a way to allow the government to take away g*ns. He says as much when he compares her offenses favorably against those who helped to pass the much-needed bill.

After a lengthy interview, Bannon finally distills Meadows’ complaints into a question. “Are you saying, sir, that you would strip these people of their committees?”

Meadows was succinct:

Absolutely! Listen, they stripped Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committees for… not even voting against the Republican Party. These people voted for Joe Biden, for an infrastructure bill that will clear the way for more socialist spending, that quite frankly gives Joe Biden a win. You know, I don’t know how you can send a clearer message than saying ‘Listen, obviously, you’re not on our team. We’re gonna give that leadership position to somebody else.’

It is apparent that Meadows believes that, because most Republicans supported overturning the election, Rep. Greene should not have been reprimanded for her outrageous statements even on the House floor. But step out of lockstep with the GOP on spending — especially if it makes Democrats look good in any way — and Meadows thinks your power to do business in Congress aside from casting votes should be taken away.

If you’re trying to send “clear messages” to people, Mark, you can’t do much better than ignoring the ridiculous antics of Republicans who incite riots, or are accused of se*ual misconduct, or even tweet videos of themselves [1] taking a sword to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while you call for punishment of those who dare to think of America before the Republican Party.