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MUST SEE: Michael Flynn’s Creepy ‘SCOTUSGATE’ Video Calling for the Reinstatement of Trump

Oh my.

And here it is, the night before Thanksgiving, many are getting preparations going already, a lot of people are shuffling onto planes (be thankful people, think of what families used to have to do to travel to see each other!), we are all mostly settling into what may be the last secular holiday that really sticks to its roots (horrifically wrong as the story might be), we generally are supposed to express gratitude for what we have on this holiday.

And then we’re suddenly returned to Halloween. And not the fun “weird” Halloween with your new girlfriend. No, this is the weird, creepy, scary, someone is going to end up in the bay, type of Halloween scene.

For reasons passing our understanding, apparently, Mike Lindell is suing… we’re not sure, nor do we care, in an attempt to get the Supreme Court of the United States to reinstate Donald Trump as president because 1) He won the election and they proved it, 2) Fck you, “Let’s go Brandon,” and 3) Joe Biden sucks, look at the price of gas… and NO! We are not giving that extra $750 a month back!

Now Mike Flynn is calling this “SCOTUSGATE” (because he’s very smart) and he wants everyone to get their attorney general to join Mike Lindell’s lawsuit. If even one attorney general signs on, he or she will not have a law license in a year and all of them know it.

But that’s not going to stop Mike Flynn, he has some terror to sell and by god, he’s… What. The. Ffffff

Tell me that is not scarier than every horror movie you’ve ever seen? Tell me you didn’t expect an alien baby to pop out of someone’s head? And what was that self-important shot of Flynn at the end? Surveying all that he rules?

Amazing, that guy used to have three (!) stars on his shoulders. How many people have to wash out below you to get those 3 stars? Soooo many, and yet he’s fundamentally insane.

Need some brain bleach? We have it, the funniest dog compilation we’ve seen in some time:


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