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Humiliating: Trump Promotes His Picture Book with Video of Fancy Production Machines!

“He doesn’t read at all. I’m not overstating things here. He lacks the patience, curiosity and self-awareness to be a good reader, and that’s why aides and advisers know the best way to communicate complex thoughts to him is with pictures and charts, or simply verbally,” Timothy L. O’Brien, author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald.

The Inquisitr, Dec. 1st, 2018

What does it say about a person when everyone who even casually follows the news knows the identity of the person referenced in the above quote without needing the name or work of the source?

One might ask oneself; How many people have you met in life that flat out stated that they don’t like to read, anything, at all? If one has met such a person, it would be a unique situation.

There are some of us that cannot fathom why someone would want to live a single day without actively working to learn something new, no matter how random, just simple intellectual curiosity. Some of us are obsessed with it. If a mystic has a bad day, he or she tries to better understand gravitational fields or the Roman Empire.

But it becomes dangerous when the “non-reader” is the president of the United States because a president is expected to absorb complex information written by people with PhDs and a lifetime of work in a field. Sometimes one will have to go over a section three to four times to just have a functional understanding.

So to have a president who prefers pictures and graphs over “words” is just jolting. How appropriate that Trump’s shot at a “post-presidential memoir,” that automatic eight figures that presidents count upon, is a picture book?

A picture book! And we’re told that Trump himself wrote the captions. He must have because he’s very proud of this work. He would also like to make $10-50 million off it, which is telling. If one is really a billionaire, $10-15 million is simply interest off your interest. But we digress.

To that end, Trump is trying to sell this fcker like it’s rice, (or beer), Trump thinks it’s cool to show you that it’s actually getting made, by fancy machines and sh*t.

What a perfect book for people who do not like to read! And, it must be good because they are using machines to make it!!


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