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One Tweet: Makes the Entire Rittenhouse Situation Dig Ten Levels Deeper

As this site has said many times already, even if the actual court verdict was not the problem – based on the evidence the jury actually got to see, the judge’s rulings, and the prosecution’s issues – that doesn’t mean that the system’s injustice itself wasn’t exposed for all the world to see, nor does it make Rittenhouse any less responsible (legal or not) for the fact that two people are no longer alive today.

The system freed Rittenhouse from all responsibility, not necessarily the jury (we cannot know). The system needs to be indicted. As Colin Kaepernick said just two days ago, the system cannot be “reformed” – that’s been said for too long. The system needs to be dismantled from top to bottom and rebuilt. (But PLEASE do not call it “Defund the Police” – most self-defeating political meme of all time.

There are so many white MAGAs that feel entirely self-righteous about the verdict. It would be interesting to see their reaction to the following tweet, one that doesn’t necessarily indict their hero, Rittenhouse, but absolutely makes them confront the disparity in the “system” and whether they’re willing to live with it.

Too many wouldn’t be that moved by the story. Maybe they’d feel bad that a “mistake” got made, but too few of them would see that this is the system as it is, all day every day, everywhere. We suspect “most” MAGAs would say that something wrong happened.

But not all. There are elements among the MAGA crowd that want to take us back to when “American was Great” – back when Black people could just expect to be arrested for something small, true or untrue, and then waste away in prison. To them, it was a better time. Everyone knew their place.

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

Twitter nearly threw up:

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