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OUCH: Joy Behar Takes a Hilarious Jab at Meghan McCain After Her ‘View’ Departure


Joy Behar doesn’t really hide her politics when it comes to her day job as a panelist on ABC’s The View. She is openly liberal and frequently clashed with fellow panelists who were of a different political persuasion.

In fact, that’s a big part of why a lot of viewers have tuned in over the years. Her no-nonsense approach to their daily topics has been something relatively uncommon on daytime television.

So no one was really that surprised when Joy’s reaction was less than enthusiastic upon the return of Meghan McCain following her maternity leave: “I did not miss you. Zero.”

Today, when the show welcomed back former panelist Abby Huntsman — the daughter of former ambassador John Huntsman — it sounded a lot like Joy was still very glad that McCain is gone from the program. Asking Huntsman, “Did you miss us? And how does it feel to be back here?” Behar seemed happy to have Abby back.

“I miss getting sweet nothings from you, Joy, in the commercial breaks,” Huntsman replied. But then the topic turned just slightly more serious. Huntsman said about her absence:

My politics are nuanced and my journey on this show wasn’t one extreme or the other. There were some tough days and there were executives here at the time and people here at the time that made too many of my days too difficult. And all of them are gone now.

Joy took that as an opportunity to say one more thing that everyone watching knew was all about Meghan McCain:

Well, I miss some of them. I do miss some of them. I mean, I don’t miss—the panel is perfect now.

Gosh, I wonder who Joy doesn’t miss. Could it be the woman she told to her face that she didn’t miss her?

I can’t really blame Joy, honestly. Meghan seems like she’d be a handful even as just a friend, let alone as a coworker. I am more than capable of maintaining relationships with people who have different political views. But Meghan McCain is a little different story.

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