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Rittenhouse Pictured Grinning for Cameras in Southern Florida and People Have Questions

We are starting to think that Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer was a straight-up lawyer’s lawyer. He represented his client to the best of his abilities. It is not his fault that this is a country that won’t convict someone like his client. But Kyle appears to be done following his counsel’s counsel. His lawyer chased off Tucker’s team and his lawyer told him to go home and lay low, for quite a while.

Instead, Kyle is out enjoying being the toast of MAGA world, an 18 year old celebrity.

How do we know? We have a picture of him, his mother, and a few unnamed but somewhat conspicuous (almost certainly MAGA) figures around a restaurant table. So what’s he doing in Englewood? We might ask Mike Flynn, who lives in Englewood, though – as the tweet says, that might be just a “coincidence.”

He is far more likely there to do some interviews. He is wanted on every Right-Wing television outlet in MAGA world. Tucker Carlson cannot be far, indeed, he is not far, Tucker is just over in Boca Grande. Kyle’s first interview is Monday night with Tucker, as expected. Of course, there are any number of others around that could want a piece of the new hero.

Despite the fact that Rittenhouse should feel “relief” for not being found guilty, he still took 2 lives, needlessly (he didn’t need to be there, and it is very dubious that he needed to use lethal force to protect himself), but most of us wouldn’t be “giddy” of the fact that we were still involved in the deaths of two others, the maiming of a third.

And yet is there any other word for what you see in this picture?

We don’t see it. All we see is a kid doing exactly the opposite of what his lawyer told him to do – the lawyer that continues to have this kid’s best interests still in mind. Rittenhouse isn’t entirely out of the legal woods. There are federal firearms charges that could be brought, and there are civil rights violations that could be charged. It less than 50-50 (in our eyes) that Rittenhouse will face federal charges, but – as his lawyer knows, one way to tempt a good U.S. Attorney is to look like you’re having too good a time having taken two lives.

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