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Rittenhouse Tells a Whopper of a Lie: ‘I Didn’t Know They Were Proud Boys or White Power Signs’

Kyle Rittenhouse is a f*cking liar. (Sorry, but there’s a lot of anger at this site right now). Maybe the jury knew it, but there was also video that confused things. But have no doubt, this kid is a liar that is now on the take, and he’s racist AF.

Kyle Rittenhouse sat down with NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield and claimed he was unaware the of the fact that the people surrounding him in a picture taken last January were Proud Boys, nor did he know he was flashing white power signs. F-You, Kyle.

According to the Washington Post:

Back in January, a photo circulated of Rittenhouse in a bar, wearing a shirt saying “FREE AS FUCK” while posing for a picture with Proud Boys [1].

Banfield took Rittenhouse on:

“You have stated that you are not a racist, but there’s video footage of you using hand signs that are used by groups that are considered many to be white supremacists. Why have you associated with members of groups like the Proud Boys? Why have you used hand signs that are commonly associated with white supremacy?”

And here comes the lie of the century that makes one wish he would’ve spent the better part of his life in jail:

“That’s a good question,” Rittenhouse said. “I didn’t know that the OK hand sign was a symbol for white supremacy, just as I didn’t know those people in the bar were Proud Boys. They were set up by my former attorney, who was fired because of that, for putting me in situations like that with people I don’t agree with.”

“If I had known that they were Proud Boys, I would have said absolutely not.”

This kid thinks he’s invincible and because 12 jurors in Wisconsin didn’t find a case proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that he’s been proven innocent. Therefore, everything he says is 100% truth.

GTH, Kyle.

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