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Rittenhouse Victim’s Family Sues Kenosha PD for Allowing Kyle to Walk Streets with AR-15

Those of us who didn’t watch every minute of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial really have no right to hold the jury itself accountable for the lack of justice. We have every right to hold society accountable, the judge accountable, all that. But until we raise our hands, swear an oath, and confine ourselves solely to the evidence in court, and solely to the judge’s instructions, we shouldn’t condemn the jury because we don’t know what our conscience would say based solely in that condition.

There were a lot of problems in that trial, the judge being the biggest and the prosecution did a pretty poor job. Additionally, the law and burden of proof in self-defense cases, especially as applied to white people, are confusing and favor the person arguing self-defense. We at this site are not saying that the jury may not have been part of the problem, we’re saying we don’t know whether they were.

We know the system was definitely the biggest part of the problem not named Kyle Rittenhouse.

Now one of the families of the Rittenhouse victims is suing the Kenosha PD for negligence in not either arresting Rittenhouse for walking around with a weapon he had no right to be carrying, or for simply not recognizing that a kid his age could very quickly become a much bigger part of the problem than the solution.

All we know is this, Kenosha PD better be able to prove that they never saw Rittenhouse with the g*n prior to all sh0ts being fired, ALL of them. Because at any point the PD could have yelled “Freeze” at everyone involved until it could be sorted out. And they better hope that the law as applied to minors carrying g*ns such as the AR-15 is vague. (How a statute is read for purposes in a criminal trial might be different than that read in a civil trial.

If the law is clear, and a policeman saw Rittenhouse with the g*n prior to firing, it’s almost an automatic case of negligence. We don’t know, but the suit is likely filed in federal court which is far more favorable to the family. Federal judges don’t need to worry about being elected again in that community and it is simply “accepted” in law that federal juries draw from a wider pool and generally allow one to get a more sophisticated jury.

Yes, the family will be suing a town’s own PD and that’s a tough hill to climb. But it takes Rittenhouse out of the picture as the bad guy and allows a jury that perhaps “feels bad” that no one “won” in the situation to even things out a little.

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It is not justice. It is just what’s left.

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