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Speed-Talking Don Jr. Slams Biden for Not Curing Cancer Yet, ‘Haven’t Seen Much Movement on That’

As this site reported last night, one of the defining characteristics of being a Trump is continuously pounding your enemies, even if you sound either ridiculous or like a despicable as$hole, as Don Jr. did last night when he went after LeBron James for asking a fan be removed. The fan had said she hoped LeBron’s child d1ed. Don Jr. took the fan’s side because that’s what Trumps do.

President Obama appointed then Vice-President Biden to head up a committee that was to coordinate cancer research in an effort to cure cancer. Obviously, Biden’s committee didn’t succeed entirely, but we don’t know about the latest progress made in some types of cancers.

Don Jr. thinks this represents both a failed campaign promise and a failure from a medical point of view:

“He was also going to cure cancer, if I remember correctly. Everyone said, ‘Oh, that’s great, we should definitely elect him. I haven’t seen much movement on that.”

Now, Biden did make a really stupid statement in June of 2019 that if he was elected, he would change America, and “we’re” going to cure cancer.

We have a few considerations that Don Jr. might want to keep in mind while complaining about Joe not “fulfilling his promise.” The statement in June of 2019.

When Joe Biden put his hand on the Bible, the single leading cause of death in the United States wasn’t cancer, it was COVID, in part because of how the Trump administration handled it. It seems appropriate that Biden would first focus on the leading cause of death, as he did (COVID has since dropped down the list).

Second, cancer isn’t just “one” disease, it’s an umbrella term for many diseases, which makes it a dumb campaign promise but doctors may be making significant progress.

And, maybe this might be a bit of a technicality, but Biden is actually not even one-quarter through his term and perhaps Don Jr. isn’t conversant on the latest methods or approaches to curing cancer.

He just wants to tear things down, not build anything up.

Yes, we recall now, tens of millions of Americans saying “let’s vote for Biden because he’s promised to cure cancer.” That is not why people elected Joe Biden. Biden was in danger of losing the Democratic nomination at the time.

But Junior is a Trump and that’s what Trumps do. They constantly attack their “enemies” because life is a zero-sum game and the more you cut some people down, the more you lift yourself up in their world.

In a completely different world, Don Jr. could say; “If President Biden announced a national “moonshot” against cancer, that’s something every MAGA should support and get behind. America can do big things, we could do this…” He actually could lift the MAGAs, enlisting them in an effort to do something good for humanity. AND, it would be a political winner for them down the road. They could say “We fight for good whenever we have a chance!”

But that’s just not the way Trumps work. You only win by cutting others down. Even over cancer… which the Trumps really shouldn’t be talking about, given their past work on helping kids with cancer.

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