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Ted Nugent’s Tweets About Kyle Rittenhouse are So Disgusting That Twitter Fights Back…HARD

White 17-year-old with a g*n ready to sh00t liberals? You knew Ted Nugent wouldn’t be far behind with some sort of comment, and if the 17-year-old had been a girl, he would have proposed to her.

As you will see below, this is a man who proudly, very very proudly wrote lyrics about his dalliances with girls, girls who happen to be under the age of 18. But because he is also a MAGA hero, he’s allowed to get away with it. We all know that only “Deep State” people get caught up in that stuff, not people like Ted, white, straight, g*n-freak, Trump-freak, all-around freak, he’s not a bad guy…

So it wouldn’t be long and – quite frankly, it’s amazing that it took this long for Ted Nugent to come along and drop his Twitter post. Suffice it to say, Ted has a new hero. Ted has always loved teens, and so it’s a natural for Ted to want to reach out to Kyle and let him know that he supports Kyle totally.


Forget the entire sh00ting for just a second, for just a second forget the alleged crime, and just remember this, as to how fcked up Rittenhouse is. From the conservative NY Post:

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The shocking footage, shot July 1 and posted to Twitter, shows a young man alleged to be Rittenhouse landing haymakers on an unidentified girl who was scrapping with another female teen, according to the Journal Times.

Two Kenosha men who filmed the melee — Reese Granville and CJ Wakefield — said the teen throwing the punches was Rittenhouse, the outlet reported. The slugger is also wearing the same American flag Crocs that Rittenhouse wears in a widely circulated photo of the accused sh00ter from Facebook.

Ted Nugent would never punch a teenage girl, he’d do even worse. He is such a disgusting piece of inhumanity that of course he is a Trumper and of course he is all-in for Kyle, two peas in a pod.

Twitter responded:

And on and on. So Ted Nugent. Amazed it took this long for all the love to come out.


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