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Trump Has the Nerve to Criticize Biden’s Handling of the Pandemic in Fox Interview, ‘It’s a Disaster!’

It is almost impossible to remember.

When presidents left office, no one heard a word from them for over a year, not a word. It kinda had to be that way. After 4-8 years under a president, one got used to thinking of a person as the “ruler” in a way. It was good for that person to go underground and let the new administration establish itself.

It was never going to happen under Trump because he doesn’t care about things that are “good for the country,” he only cares about things that are good for Trump, and he must be in the center of the news. So it’s been good for Trump to criticize Biden, as he did recently in an interview with Fox. Trump even dared to criticize Biden about COVID.

“Look, I wanted [Biden] to be successful on the on the whole thing on COVID – or as I call it, the China virus,” Trump told host David Asman. “I wanted him to be successful. He’s been totally unsuccessful. It’s a disaster what’s happened.”

The former president said that he was proud to take the COVID-19 [1] vaccine and “very proud” of the development of the inoculations in nine months under Operation Warp Speed, and said he believes people should take the vaccines. 

Trump added, however, that he is against Biden’s vaccine mandates, saying, “I want people to go out and want to get [vaccinated], but I don’t want to force it into them,” and blamed vaccine hesitancy on people’s distrust of Biden.

Oh fck off!

The vaccine “hesitancy” doesn’t have a thing to do with not trusting Biden so much as wanting to hurt Biden and wanting to piss off liberals. That and not trusting science. The liberals want people to get vaccinated. Therefore, the MAGAs won’t get vaccinated, it is that simple, it has nothing to do with “trusting Biden.”

Trump also said that more people have died under Biden than under his administration. That may or may not be true, but the vast majority of those came in the two months after Biden took office, a period we could still easily attribute to Trump, and the people that are dying now are Trump supporters.

Trump never wanted Biden to succeed with respect to COVID or he would be telling people to just get vaccinated and leave out the part about not liking mandates. (The federal government hasn’t mandated a single shot in anyone’s arm, people are allowed to take their stand. They just have to quit their job or leave the military, just like many other vaccines in many other jobs).

There was never, ever, in a million years, a chance that Trump would keep his mouth shut in the wake of his presidency (he still says he won), but he could at least reference topics that are slightly less insulting.

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