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Trump Says He Will Sue Pulitzer Board if They Don’t Take Away Prizes for Anti-Trump Reporting

We have reported before [1] on Donald Trump’s complaints about the Pulitzer Prize committee and their 2018 awards for excellence in journalism. At the end of October, Trump had only dialed up the outrage to insults. He accused them of being “too embarrassed to respond” to his idiotic letter from the beginning of that month.

But now he has upped the ante. In a letter to Bud Kliment, the administrator of prizes for the Board, Trump and his lawyers demanded that they immediately retract the prizes given to the Washington Post and New York Times for their reporting on Russian election influence — or else he’s going to sue them.

Allow me to draw up a metaphor here.

What if Lindsey Buckingham, the guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, demanded that the Recording Academy rescind the band’s 1978 Grammy for Album of the Year because there’s a song about him on it? That would be ridiculous, and it’s still not as silly as what Trump is doing.

No, suing them is like if Buckingham saw the viral video of that guy drinking juice on his skateboard [2] while listening to that song about him and demanded that Ocean Spray take back the pickup truck [3] they gave that guy for all the free publicity they got.

It’s hilarious.

From the second part of the letter:

Based on the foregoing, it is hereby demanded that the Pulitzer Prize Board take immediate steps to strip the New York Times and The Washington Post of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. Pulitzer Prize Board’s failure to do so will result in prompt legal action being taken against it.

LOL, I love when Trump uses the word “hereby”. Like, he thinks if he uses it he immediately wins because the word sounds so legal-like. As if he’s reading this statement from a legal scroll in a London courtroom 300 years ago. “I hereby demand…” Such a dunce.

This guy really needs a nap, I think. He’s absolutely obsessed with his “exoneration” that never happened.

I just wonder how hard the folks in the Pulitzer building are laughing right now.