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Americans are Loving Watching Trump Get Booed at Rally for Admitting He Got the Booster

This site has had a theory for quite some time and relayed it to our readers. It just got a bit of a bump in terms of validity, though certainly not proven.

Yes, the MAGAs are anti-science and paranoid when it comes to some things, but certainly not all. They seem all in for monoclonal antibodies, and that’s pretty sophisticated (and damned expensive) treatment. But yes, we’re sure that part of the vaccine wariness comes from their distrust of science and Dr. Fauci in particular.

But we also believe that it’s also a political statement to own the libs, that’s what they loved about Trump. Trump would say something racist or sexist, that they loved, and it would make us furious. It was their life force. Now it’s mostly gone.

But now they have President Biden telling them to get vaccinated. He says it will bring the country roaring back. So, they’re being told what to do by a Democratic president and it will help the country under the same Democratic president? Not happening.

Then, when they read about how much it infuriates the liberals and science believers, they get to “own the libs” again by getting to control part of the country, 1/3 remains unvaccinated, much more in red states.

Further proof? Elderly MAGAs didn’t make a political statement. They couldn’t afford to. Only the thirty to forty year old who is otherwise healthy says “NO!” to vaccinations, believing they’ll get through it anyway. Odds are they will. Odds are, not all will. Odds are, even those who live, but only after going through three weeks in the ICU have their lives greatly impacted, very seldom get counted in any stats (other than “didn’t die”) and regret not getting the vaccine.

It is not about choice so much as a political statement and that might well be why Donald Trump himself got booed at a Trump and O’Reilly “concert” in Dallas:

O’Reilly: “Both the president and I are vaxxed. Did you get the booster?”

Trump: “Yes.”

(*Trump did not say, “If you recall, I damned near died of the disease and I’m a bit freaked about it and this vaccine works, I’d rather not die because I felt what it’s like to face mortality.” But he absolutely should have)

O’Reilly: “I got it, too.”

And then the boos came down from the heavens, perhaps the real heaven, that hoped he’d not get boosted. Trump didn’t like it:

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t.”

And tried to minimize it:

“It’s a very tiny group over there.”

And as you’d imagine, some people were loving it:


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