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Trump Extremists Paid Former Police Captain More Than $200K to Help Steal Election

This should be surprising, but somehow is not.

A former Texas police captain was paid more than $200,000 to help “hunt ballots” for Donald Trump, according to reports. Mark Aguirre, who was indicted for aggravated a$$ault, was funded by the Liberty Center for God and Country. That group fundraised vigorously in the lead-up to the election, then worked with Aguirre and a number of people and groups who denied Trump had lost the election.

The a$$ault charge against Aguirre was the result of the ex-cop ramming his SUV into a man’s truck, holding him hostage at g*npoint, and accusing him of “transporting 750,000 fraudulent ballots.”

The victim, David Lopez-Zuniga, turned out to be an AC repairman who was definitely not in possession of 750,000 of anything, let alone fake ballots. His truck was full of parts and tools, according to the Houston police.

In a shining example of how delusions surrounding Trump supporters’ beliefs about the election — many if not all of them spurred on by Trump himself — can be harmful, Aguirre actually used his position on the police force to perform an “investigation” of election fraud. Harris County DA Kim Ogg said in a statement:

[Aguirre] crossed the line from dirty politics to commission of a vi0lent cr1me and we are lucky no one lost their lives. His alleged investigation was backward from the start, first alleging a crime had occurred and then trying to prove it happened.

Aguirre ran his SUV into the back of the truck to get the technician to stop and get out, according to the document. When the technician got out of the truck, Aguirre, pointed a handg*n at the technician, forced him to the ground and put his knee on the man’s back – an image captured on the body-worn camera of a police officer.

Aguirre had apparently been tailing the man for four days before the incident. He never disclosed to the police that he was paid a little over $266,000 by the LCGC, more than $200k of it the day after the incident.

It’s terrifying enough that a police officer would use their position to do something like this. It’s even more terrifying that he did so based on the lies of the former president.

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