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WaPo Bombshell: Trump Exposed 500 People to COVID and Kept it Secret from Close Staff

The Washington Post has a stunning bombshell out in which it details the seven days from which Trump first tested positive for COVID to when he announced his positive test and then hospitalization later that Friday. (Recall, Trump announced his positive COVID test at 1:00 a.m. Friday October 1st and by 6:00 p.m. that same day, he was struggling to walk into Walter Reed. No one should ever have believed that he didn’t know long before the 1st.)

Trump first tested positive seven days earlier and became aware on Air Force One on the way to a rally in PA. His physician, Dr. Connolly, wanted Trump to turn around and go back… that wasn’t going to happen. They took a second test that was negative from the same sample, but all protocols at the time said that he needed a more accurate test at that point.

Everyone knows Trump wasn’t a big “mask” guy, but on has to read the details to truly appreciate his recklessness and lack of care about others:

On the return trip home, Trump ventured back to the press cabin — unmasked — where he spoke with the media for roughly 10 minutes off the record. One of the reporters on Air Force One that day, Michael Shear of the New York Times, would test positive for the coronavirus less than a week later. Two other members of the White House press corps tested positive the same day as Shear, according to reports.

He met Amy Coney-Barrett and family in a reception with Pence and other top staff, all maskless. But that was nothing compared to the ceremony where Trump met with 150 people:

The Rose Garden ceremony would later become known as an apparent superspreader event, with more than a half dozen attendees testing positive for the coronavirus within the week — including Trump, his wife, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, Notre Dame President John Jenkins, and Republican Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Thom Tillis (N.C.).

He met with all the Gold Star families.

Trump then went through all the debate prep and the debate while positive and Mark Meadows said that he knew something was wrong, Trump had dark blotches under his eyes.

On Wednesday:

During the rally, Hope Hicks, a top Trump aide and close confidante, had started feeling sick. By the time she boarded Air Force One, she discreetly self-quarantined, exiting the plane from the rear entrance when it touched down just after midnight.

Trump came in contact with roughly 55 people that Wednesday, according to The Post’s analysis.

One former senior administration official, speaking anonymously to share a candid opinion, remarked, “Everyone spent months trying to reconstruct the Rose Garden and it turns out it was good old Patient Zero, the president.”

What an absolutely reckless, self-absorbed, uncaring, narcissist.


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