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Watch as Rick Scott Throws a Hissy Fit Because He Claims the White House Hung Up on Him

Those of you who regularly read my articles know by now that I don’t generally tend to disagree with President Joe Biden, and I certainly never agree with Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) but this is one of those times where I’m really conflicted.

Scott was steamed up Wednesday, claiming that the White House displayed “shameful cowardice” by hanging up on him when he called to request speaking to Biden, The Hill reports. Scott says he was trying to speak to Biden about a human rights activist currently detained in Cuba.

And a spokesperson for Scott confirmed to Fox News that Scott had made the call asking to speak with Biden Wednesday. This was actually the second time Scott called the White House this week to discuss the plight of Cuban activist José Daniel Ferrer, who is allegedly being detained and tortured by the Cuban government.

That spokesperson also said Scott’s initial call was routed to a voicemail, while the other call was disconnected.

So it sounds like Scott’s being over the top on this one since disconnections aren’t exactly uncommon. Nevertheless, he was in a feisty mood on Twitter, claiming that the White House hung up on him on Wednesday “when I called to talk to someone about the horrific torture and abuse Jose Daniel Ferrer is experiencing as a prisoner of the illegitimate communist Cuban regime.”

“This isn’t just weakness, it’s shameful cowardice. I won’t tolerate it,” he tweeted.

Reuters has reported that Ferrer was ordered to serve the remainder of his four-year sentence for assault in prison — and that’s even though the sentence had been commuted to house arrest. Critics have since alleged this move is politically motivated.

Ferrer is the leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba opposition group. He was arrested and detained in October 2019 on charges that he allegedly abducted and assaulted a man. He has denied these charges.

Ferrer was convicted in February 2020 and his sentence was commuted to house arrest two months later thanks to international pressure but that commutation was reversed in August, Reuters reports.

Scott’s remarks come just a week after Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) fired off a letter to Josep Borrell, the High Representative for the European Union’s Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Their letter urged him to denounce Havana’s treatment of political prisoners.

Rubio and Menendez called on the EU to demand the island nation to “immediately release Jose Daniel Ferrer, Luis Otero Alcántara, Maykel Osorbo, and all political prisoners.”

Scott also recently released a statement when Ferrer’s son was detained by the government on Dec. 12. The young man was apparently demonstrating peacefully in observance of International Human Rights Day.

I’m against all forms of torture for any reason, but I’m conflicted because Scott is a well-known dirtbag, as is Rubio. Scott profited handsomely at the trough of his wife’s drug-testing company, so I think his claims about the “White House hanging up on him” border on the ridiculous. Rubio being chummy with newly convicted pedophile Josh Duggar is just one fine example of dirt-baggery.

If Scott really is trying to support this man for moral reasons then that’s cool, but something tells me his whining about the White House hanging up on him is much ado about nothing.


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