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78-Year-Old MAGA Rioter Denies Urinating on a Column Inside the Capitol: ‘I am Not a Dog!’

Well, here’s something you don’t hear every day.

In a recent interview, a 78-year-old Capitol rioter denied urinating on a column inside the Capitol during the insurgency.

According to a criminal complaint, Bob Snow of Heber Springs, Arkansas, told FBI agents that he “urinated on a column inside an area he thought to be a cafeteria.” Because apparently peeing in a cafeteria is somehow ok? In fact, Snow doesn’t even think he should be called a rioter.

Speaking to Arkansas station KARK [7], Snow said, “I was not part of the violent group. That’s not in my nature.”

Snow said the event was his first Trump rally and that he was excited to be there.So excited he didn’t take the time to find a restroom so he just whipped it out and went right there in the Capitol.

“You don’t go there to beat up a police officer, you don’t chase after a congressman, you don’t threaten to hang Nancy Pelosi like some of those people were doing,” Snow said.

Snow did say he was inside the Capitol that day that there were photos that show it.

“We had six very courteous capitol police officers and the only thing they said to us as we filed in [was] ‘folks, please don’t touch anything’ [and] that’s all they said,” Snow told KARK.

Then the interview ventured into the peeing part.

A criminal complaint alleged that Snow told FBI agents that “he urinated on a column inside an area he thought to be a cafeteria.”

Snow disputes the complaint and said he was taken to an area outside the Capitol near a dark room with a window.

“That’s how they’re identifying this as a cafeteria,” Snow told KARK “No one was there. I would have never done that in front of someone. I am not a dog or an animal.”

Uh huh. Actually you are an animal, all humans are, but I guess we understand his point. Still. No excuse.

Snow is charged with disorderly behavior, parading, demonstrating, and picketing in the capitol building, according to the criminal complaint.

Snow stated that he does not agree with the allegations. Snow claims that he has been appointed a lawyer in Washington to represent him.

“I’ve been around for 78 years and I know that’s not how you do things,” Snow said.