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Eric Swalwell Goes There: Trolls Don Jr. About Using ‘Coke’ (and He’s Not Talking About the Soda)

Don’t go after Eric Swalwell on Twitter, not like a troll at least. You will lose.

This is probably our third story this month on Swalwell destroying people on Twitter, which tells us two things: One, the Right sees that Swalwell is growing in power and wants to go after him and, Two: Swalwell can take care of himself just fine, he has the social media thing down.

For reasons passing understanding Don Jr. awoke the other day. In a completely unrelated matter, Junior decided it would be a great day to go after Eric Swalwell on Twitter because that’s what American politics is now a days, who owns who on Twitter.

(That is not entirely fair, Joe Biden gave the speech of his life two nights ago and that shouldn’t be forgotten, very serious important issues swirl around this type of game that Junior likes to play).

Junior went with a story that’s been debunked more times than Junior has fingers to count.”

The key to this story is that the moment that the FBI informed Swalwell about the Chinese Intelligence concerns Swalwell cut ties and fully cooperated with the FBI, getting a letter from the FBI confirming his full cooperation and innocence.

Perhaps China went after Swalwell because he’s that effective and going places. Whoever placed Melania must have been a time traveler… that’s a joke.

Swalwell went further than we would have. We would not have referenced drug abuse, which is a medical problem and not something that people should be shamed for… and yet Don Jr. has been awfully… problematic for a long time, and seems fond of going on camera high as a kite (allegedly by many on Twitter but never proven).

Regardless Swalwell went further than we would have and taught Don Jr. a lesson:

It’s the quotes that make it art. Junior didn’t have any quotes because any he might’ve used would’ve been ones that cleared Swalwell. Swalwell went right after something Junior cannot deny. They’re his own words right in his own text.

Do. Not. Troll. Eric Swalwell. You will lose and he will enjoy it.

Twitter had some thoughts:


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman