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George Conway Says the First Two Takes of Trump’s ‘Go Home’ Speech are Going to Shock Us


Your democracy is in trouble, your Capitol is under attack and it really doesn’t matter that the attack is being carried out by people who support your guy. It is a crisis unlike any the country has faced since 1860. It is in these moments of crisis that a republic like ours is supposed to be able to look to its leader, its president, the calm, steady hand that knows what to do and how to resolve the situation quickly. No Drama Obama, Bush with the Bullhorn…

What does it tell you about your government leader when the staff around the president, the people advising him, are begging him to address the nation, but insist it must be taped because they don’t trust what he will say live? Not only do they insist they record the message, but they have to do three takes because he doesn’t tell people to stop in the first two!

This, apparently, is exactly what happened in our country. According to George Conway on Morning Joe. Scarborough noted that it took three takes, after a bloody fight with police, for the president to compliment the people who did it, but then tell them to go home.

That’s when Conway jumped in:

“It takes three takes, but only that, they didn’t trust him to do it live. They didn’t trust him to do it live because they afraid of what he would say, so they threw out two takes and he got it semi-right on the third take.

Wait until we actually see those two takes because no doubt those were preserved documents that were probably produced to the committee by the National Archives. It’s going to be something. When those videos come out, I bet you it’s going to be something.”

Sweet Baby Brandon in a car seat. Three takes? Not trusting him to do it live? And yes, we will see the first two takes and our money is on the first take being god-awful and self-indicting.

How do you support a president, a guy who has nuclear football with him at all times, when you cannot trust him to not fck up a live address on television without making it worse? And then he does two that DO make it worse, evidently!

It will never be understood.

And in case you forgot what was so difficult for Trump to get done:


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Jason Miciak and Nicole Hickman