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Iran’s Supreme Leader Shares Animated Video Depicting the Assassination of Donald Trump

United States relations with Iran have been deteriorating over the past few years, and now the tension has come to a boiling point as the Supreme Leader of Iran shared a video on his official website that is a short animation that seems to suggest the assassination of Donald Trump.

Ali Khamenei shared the video on Wednesday, which shows members of the Iranian military using unmanned drone technology where someone resembling Donald Trump is playing golf in an area that resembles his Florida Mar-A-Lago home. This video was most likely sparked by the second anniversary of an assassination by the US in January 2020 of the Iranian commander of an overseas paramilitary operation, Qassem Soleimani.

The video is not the only thing that Iran has released, as last week they announced sanctions on a list of over 50 US politicians, including Trump himself as well as anyone else associated with the aforementioned assassination. Along with the former president, the list includes General Mark Milley and Robert O’Brien, the White House National Security Adviser.

Jake Sullivan, the current US National Security Adviser, said this: “We will work with our allies and partners to deter and respond to any attacks carried out by Iran.” Though other semi-official accounts of Iranian leaders have posted similar content in the past, this is the first incident of a high-ranking political leader posting a video like this one on an official website.

Khamenei did have a Twitter account that was suspended for posting a photo that was reminiscent of this recent video last year, that depicted a drone hovering above the former FLOTUS while he was playing golf, but that was not an official account. This installment is much blunter and will, unfortunately, have the effect of escalating disagreement between the US and Iran.