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Ivanka Bragged That She Bought Her First Apartment All by Herself — Turns Out That’s a Gross Exaggeration

Ivanka Trump boasted in the past that she bought an apartment after college, particularly in a book called The Trump Card which she released in 2009, and according to her, she didn’t get any discounts from her father despite the unit belonging to him. The apartment she bought right after graduating from college, at the age of 22, cost her $1.5 million. But surprise, surprise, that was a significantly lower price than others were paying for units of the same size.

And according to Forbes, this happened more than once, and the penthouse she upgraded to with her husband, Jared Kushner, was also heavily discounted. She even received another offer which she did not end up taking but would have given her access to a unit for almost half of what her father would usually value it at.

That deal would have gotten her a penthouse officially listed by the Trump Organization as worth $20 million for only $8 million. That same penthouse ended up selling for $15.9 million, less than what Trump was hoping to make off it but much more than Ivanka would have paid if she had wanted it for herself.

What is even more interesting is that it seems that Ivanka may have been involved in the deal when that penthouse she rejected sold, even though she has no connection to it on paper. In 2019, it became apparent both Ivanka and Kushner are connected to that unit and most likely benefited from its sale.

The whole arrangement is very mysterious, especially when it is taken into account that Ivanka could have made a direct profit on the penthouse if she had taken her father’s original deal and then re-sold the unit at the higher offer. Some speculate that the agreement was no longer in place when the new buyer became interested, but it seems more likely that Ivanka got a profit share.

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