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Jimmy Kimmel Tells People to Send Their Poop to Ted Cruz (He’s Joking….or Is He?)

In today’s unprecedented world, between newly emerging technologies and the pandemic that has become political, people are choosing to do their medical treatment at home rather than wait the several months it can often take to schedule a doctor’s appointment. On his latest show, Jimmy Kimmel spoke about this phenomenon, saying, “One common result of the pandemic is that people are taking health care into their own hands.”

Kimmel also went into finer detail, discussing how there are even at-home tests for colon cancer, which require a stool sample to complete. Though it may sound a bit unpleasant, it is probably a bit more bearable for many in the privacy of their own home, not to mention the convenience of making your schedule.

As Jimmy said in his monologue, “Doctors and hospitals have been so overwhelmed, it can take like a month to get an appointment, so people are treating themselves at home.” However, while those who take the test are meant to send it to a lab for testing, Kimmel had another idea of where people could send their samples.

While the entire monologue is available on Youtube, the short version is that instead of showing a list of real labs to send your samples to, the talk show host instead unveiled a list of all Ted Cruz’s offices, telling his viewers they better send their samples there. Kimmel’s suggestion was no surprise, as he has never had the best relationship with the senator in the past.

For anyone interested in trying out these at-home tests for themselves, they are becoming more and more readily available as basic medical technology reaches the general public, although any real concerns should be addressed with a medical professional. Still, for non-urgent health issues, these easy and affordable at-home tests could be indicating the future of healthcare in America.