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Kellyanne Conway Says the Only ‘Chaos’ During Trump Admin Came From His Tweets

Kellyanne Conway has no right to speak downward about chaos anywhere, given her near past both privately and publicly. But that didn’t stop her from going very low in speaking with Jessie Waters about the Biden administration generally and the Vice President specifically.

Kellyanne laughably started out by saying the “only” chaos that occurred in the Trump administration was due to some of the texts… which accounts for about half of the administration’s communication with the American public.

She then went after Vice President Harris in a manner that was half jealousy, half self-hatred:

“You know, we were always told, ‘Chaos, chaos!'” Conway said, apparently referring to criticism of the Trump administration, before claiming that it was merely “chaos in Trump’s tweets once in a while.”

Once in a while meaning twice an hour.

The Biden administration, on the other hand, is responsible for “chaos at the border, chaos in Afghanistan, chaos at the gas pump, chaos at the grocery store, (and) chaos with COVID,”

The border is chaos because the Trump administration committed crimes against humanity on the border. Afghanistan was “chaos” in the sense that a terrorist killed 13 Americans, and prices are rising everywhere because no one’s at work – why do you suppose that is, Kellyanne? Or, wait – you got it, COVID! The emergency handled brilliantly by the Trump administration.

But Kellyanne was worst on Vice President Harris:

“She may have been picked because she was a woman of color, and therein lies the problem, an embarrassment to women.”

Or she was a badass A.G., turned badass state A.G., turned badass Senator, and now a great Vice-President who has not been well-served by her communications staff, and that will get worked out.

Kellyanne continued on to say that Harris’s comparison between January 6th and Pearl Harbor on December 7th was unconscionable. On that, Kellyanne might be right. Two-hundred years from now, it’s entirely possible that the sneak attack that started World War II will not be immediately recalled, but the first battle that destroyed American democracy will easily come to mind.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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