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Maddow’s Bombshell Rocks DC and Five States: May Be the Most Direct Criminal Charge Against Trump

The moment that Trump understood that he lost, the war began to steal the victory. Apparently, nothing was out of bounds, even a clearly illegal and absurd attempt to throw the Electoral College into just enough chaos to get the case to the United States Supreme Court, whom Trump believed, could decide who wins elections, as he believed happened in 2000. (We are making assumptions here, and we don’t make assumptions without being relatively certain.)

Rachel Maddow dropped a bombshell both two nights ago and followed it up with a worse and ever-expanding scandal involving forged Electoral College certificates. It sounds like a plan developed by junior high students until one remembers we’re dealing with the Trump campaign and Trump himself.

“It wasn’t one state, it wasn’t three states where they did this — it was at least five states where we have now obtained forged documents created by Republicans.

And it’s not like they, again, created these documents to, like, hold close to their chest and fantasize that this had been the real outcome. It’s not like they created these documents just to keep themselves as a keepsake. They sent them into the government as if they were real documents.


“And it’s not like they sent them in saying, ‘Hey, we know we’re not the real electors because Biden won here, but here’s our names for posterity. Here’s our names for your records.’ No, they actually created these fake documents purporting to be the real certifications of them as electors.”

It was at that point that Maddow took the entire matter to a whole new level, an obvious conspiracy, that obviously had to be organized by someone.

That draft letter was dated December 28. How did that guy, that Trump guy at the Justice Department, know that two weeks earlier, Republicans in at least five states had, in fact, created these forged elector documents? Did the Trump Justice Department know about it because they helped Republicans in those states do it? We don’t know. But somebody helped them do it, because they all filed the exact same document in the same font, in the same spacing, with the exact same language. So, somebody helped them do it.”

Every person that signed these documents could be charged with fraud against the United States, likely among many other charges. Every person that did sign the fake document may see prison time regardless. Every single one of them will have a reason to give up the person who asked them to do this.

The person who asked them to do this must be very high up. That person is facing criminal charges that carry very significant prison time. That person will be looking for a way to lessen his sentence and perhaps say; “I was doing this because the president approved the plan and expected it to be done.” OR, that person could say; “I can give you direct evidence of an even worse crime, for some kind of deal.”

Rachel Maddow’s staff (through the Select Committee’s investigation) may just have found an almost self-proving crime that could be the most obvious criminal charge against Donald Trump. Rachel Maddow’s staff found evidence of a serious crime that the FBI did not, or – worse, the FBI ignored.

Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman