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MSNBC Political Analyst Says MAGA Politicians are Likely ‘Alarmed’ by Indictment of Oath Keepers Founder

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, along with ten others, became the first January 6th defendant to be charged with Seditious Conspiracy (among many other charges) by DOJ, sending shockwaves through Washington. DOJ is finally filing some charges that strike terror through the hearts of many people “in” on January 6th but not breaking into the Capitol.

The charges echoed throughout the halls of Congress today, and Mar-a-Lago might have just fallen into the ocean.

Beginning 60-90 days ago, we – along with many others, started writing with increasing fury about the fact that DOJ had seemed to do nothing but prosecute window breakers and had no interest in the higher-ups. The pressure got to Merrick Garland such that he had a press conference (finally) after being called out by Lawrence Tribe.

The press conference was underwhelming in every way. But, since then, we have had the Select Committee come up with more compelling evidence of a conspiracy (DO NOT think that DOJ doesn’t notice that Congress is mowing right over them), we have Michigan directly referring the forged documents to DOJ (DOJ can no longer ignore the pre-January 6th crimes), and today – finally, we see some charges that fit the gravity of what happened that day.

The charges, “Seditious Conspiracy,” applying to the head of the “Oath Keepers” must have cracked like a lightning bolt because that is now the charge one can expect if they helped organize January 6th. Ultimately, it means that, finally, very powerful people in the United States could be held accountable.

Today’s charges just reset the entire board. According to Steve Schmidt on Nicolle Wallace’s show:

“In American society over the last 20 years, in a way that has destabilized American democracy, all of the accountability we have seen has been inflicted at the bottom rung of the ladder.

“A great example of this is the economic crisis in 2009. Tens of millions of families lost their homes, lost their mortgages. What Wall Street banker went to jail? The answer is none of them.

“So what we see in this prosecution is that no, it’s not going to just be the schmo who invaded the Capitol and did whatever desecration.

“It’s going to be the leaders of the paramilitary movement, it’s going to be the leaders of the extremist movement, that this is going to go up the ladder, and that’s a rare change in American society and culture over the last 20 years, and no doubt one that is alarming to a lot of members of Congress and other people who think their positions of power immunize them from accountability, even when it’s the most grievous sins you can commit against the republic.”

Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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