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New Sinema Rumor Rocks Twitter: Sees Herself as 2024 Victor and Believes MAGAs Will Support Her

We could spend all day, every day publishing crazy stuff we “hear” as rumors, either from colleagues or stuff on the net that isn’t well-sourced. We don’t. This site takes a lot of pride in its NewsGuard grading and we believe we deliver “News Plus.” We always want to deliver the “who, what, where, why,” and then try to put it in a context and analysis that makes sense to the progressive voter.

Today we are publishing a strong rumor because it comes from someone who is a verified and trust author, Amy Siskind (also a big Twitter presence.

We are also publishing it because it is the most sensible explanation of the “enigma” that has been Senator Sinema and why a first-term Senator would want to infuriate the very people who put her in the senate, inviting an almost sure loss in her next primary.

We have the answer and it’s that she doesn’t see herself as running in the Arizona primary. She has her sights set a little higher, ridiculously high.

According to Siskind: (We are unrolling the thread ourselves, it can be found here):

Sinema’s behavior has made no common sense to me. Surely she knows too that she would lose in the 2024 Democratic primary. Why would she do it? I have info from an inside source who lives in AZ and has a direct connection. With his permission am sharing.

(To Shorten this, Siskind says Sinema has a very tight circle of friends and this is well known among that tight circle)l

Sinema has a highly overinflated ego. She believes since she has been able to work her way up, and accumulate so many academic degrees in a short time, she is a true super star -head and shoulders above intellectually.

Now when we’ve heard her speak, but go one:

To Sinema, as many of us suspected, her term in the U.S. Senate, she believes is just a stopping ground for her next step. She doesn’t assume she will need to be re-elected. This is something I imagined, but assumed she would be a consultant or something of that variety.

With her inflated ego and small circle of friends, many of whom she has alienated and lost, not pushing back, she has been living in an echo chamber. The big $$$ corp donors are happy to feed this.

**We can at least verify that – yes – Sinema has alienated herself from old friends and is lonelier and lonelier, but is happy to be paid to be friendly with people. That fact has been published in several reputable sources.

Sinema believes she will be running to President in 2024 I am told. This self-styled bipartisanship she believes she speaks for, will be her brand to run as the candidate in the middle. Not far-left of far-right. She has convinced herself this is her calling and she has it.

Sinema believes MAGA elected officials will reject partisanship when they are given a choice of her or Trump. Yes, the land of magical thinking. But here we are folks!

It makes a lot of sense except seeing herself as brilliant. Full MAGAs lost the last election. As of right now, she will not get a single Democratic vote. So if she wants MAGA votes, what is she doing in the Democratic party.

Does she think that limiting voting rights to wealthy white people is her path to victory? Because that’s pretty stupid. It is also pretty stupid to think that someone can run and win as a centrist in a country without a center.

But it is the best explanation we’ve heard for what is an otherwise completely inexplicable situation. It also means that she’s not a Democrat… it was just the easiest way to get there from here. Which explains her position perfectly. The eyes of the nation are on her and she is a MAGA hero, for now.

But just like she’s no Democrat. She is no MAGA, either. Wait until they hear she is bisexual.

ALL OF THE ABOVE IS OBVIOUSLY WHAT SOMEONE HAS “HEARD” – THOUGH IT’S NOT JUST ANYONE, it is trusted author and journalist Amy Siskind. It explains a lot.


Jason Miciak and Nicole Hickman

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