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Newly Unearthed Video Shows McConnell Bragging the GOP ‘Does Really Good With White People and I’m Proud of That’

Mitch McConnell didn’t need this. Last week as the final vote on a federal civil rights bill ensuring easy access to the ballot failed, McConnell said all is well, no problem, because “Black Americans vote in the same percentage as Americans,” giving away, perhaps, a small indication as to how McConnell sees the world and why he would have no problem making it harder for America’s black population to vote.

They are less American.

Now a video has surfaced in which McConnell says, without any sort of introspection, that he’s proud that the Republican party does well with white people. We always thought it was best for parties to want to do well with “people” and not so much “colors of people”: According to Mediaite, McConnell said:

I think it’s important for us in order to be competitive in the big election, the presidential election. I mean, we’re pretty competitive in Congress. We control both houses.

But to win the big office, we need to do better with Hispanic Americans. This is not anything you don’t already know, but America is certainly changing. I believe it’s the case that when Ronald Reagan was elected, 84 percent of American voters were white. I think I read the other day that in 2016, 70 percent probably will be white.

My party does really good with white people, and I’m proud of that. But we need to do better with other parts of our electorate.

And I think the part of the American electorate that is the most open to us is Hispanic-Americans. And they happen also to be situated in a number of these states in significant numbers Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Florida and a growing number of Hispanic Americans in other states, just not as big a number as in several of these key states. So I’d like to see us nominate somebody who, you know, can appeal to that segment of the American electorate.

The only logical conclusion is that he is just fine with leaving Black Americans to the Democratic party… to the extent he believes that Black Americas are real Americans, which we have reason to doubt.

He didn’t need this, but we do need the truth and the truth is coming out.


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