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Official ‘Ron DeSantis Store’ Commercial Must Be Seen to Be Believed: ‘The Lockdown Libs Tour’

Florida man Ron DeSantis is not going to let Donald Trump get all the money, oh – hell no. A very large part of being a MAGA leader is making money and who is in a better position than an autocrat (the term used by his own former staff member) over a large state with a high population of very wealthy Americans. This isn’t Idaho. (Which I can mock since I grew up there).

No, this is Florida, baby. A purple state that acts blood red because they do what they want. DeSantis even has his own store. Yes, you read that right. Sure, you can buy political gear from just about any politician, but there’s only one guy cool enough to do his own commercial about owning the libs:

Ron Desantis out with a new ‘Lockdown Libs Tour’ tee shirt for sale. Illness and death is a profitable growth industry in Florida. As the architect, he might as well get his cut.

The tweet is plenty – more than enough, but you must watch the commercial to get the full effect. The sunglasses – so cool, what would it be like to be that powerful, that cool, that stupid, and that self-satisfied.

While we mock him, we should also remember just how un-American this man is. In the United States, governors and politicians are supposed to do all they can to leave private business alone to enjoy their freedoms and compete to make money.

But in Florida man’s state, Florida man Ron DeSantis declared his state “free” (Unless you are a business) and made it illegal for businesses to be free. They would not be allowed to decide who to serve.

That isn’t freedom, Ron. All we see is the freedom to fleece the people who wanna be fleeced to own the libs.

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