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Powerful Men Worldwide Now on the Brink of Breakdown: Maxwell Loses Bid to Keep Names Sealed

The sick and criminal “Johns” really were “Johns” in court. The co-conspirators to the abuse of children were left unnamed, “John Does.” And Ghislaine Maxwell, surely for her own protection, fought to keep those names sealed from the public.

Now that she’s a convicted felon, she’s lost interest in keeping those names from the public and is no longer objecting. Attorneys for the John Does are very much objecting: Much more below:

According to Mediaite [3]:

In December of last year, a Manhattan jury in Maxwell’s trial returned guilty verdicts in five of the six charges against her after six days of deliberations. Maxwell faced federal charges that included conspiracy, violations of the Mann Act, and sex trafficking a minor for her role as Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime confidante and now-convicted accomplice, related to what prosecutors described as Epstein’s “Pyramid scheme” of sexual abuse of minor girls.

Depending on what lies underneath the redactions, the unsealed information could make waves inside the same courthouse, and around the world.

The “John Does” in the criminal case and the civil case have objected to the unfailing of the record and the judge hasn’t show much sympathy toward such objections in the past.

“Upon review of the objections of those Does, it is apparent that their objections essentially mirror objections to unsealing that this Court has already rejected,” Giuffre’s lawyer wrote, as cited by the producer [4] of the Prince and the Pervert [5] podcast that is chronicling the events of this case.

There have to be some very sweaty palms across the globe tonight. Who knows who is on that list? We know one thing. We couldn’t care less what party so and so comes from.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman