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Seditious Conspiracy Charge Changes EVERYTHING: Alex Jones Now Calling for ‘Peace’

Many of us will never be convinced that Merrick Garland “wanted” to get to this point, but if one has followed the news at all from just prior to the holidays until now, mid-January, it is all too clear that he had no choice. It all seems planned and it seems to be having the intended effect.

Many will recall that starting in about October, we lambasted Garland for doing “nothing” with respect to the guy that shot someone on Pennsylvania Ave. in broad daylight (Or it might’ve been a taped phone call). Obviously, we weren’t the only ones.

The Committee went to work, fast, gathering records and information from witnesses at a pace we didn’t know was attainable. They referred people to DOJ for prosecution with the elements of the crime set out just as they would be in a criminal complaint – the message was obvious. They also tucked little nuggets of evidence into those complaints, the “Why we need to talk to this guy,” stuff – totally meant to make it to the media.

Then the holidays and all the revelations, burner phones, Meadows’s texts, and committee members showing up on television Sunday shows, dropping hints about the evidence they’ve obtained. All of it leading up to the anniversary of January 6th when the country was reminded that, yeah – that was really bad, why has nothing been done to the organizers?

Yesterday Michigan referred the forged Electoral College certificates to DOJ, yesterday DOJ charged the first January 6th defendant with seditious conspiracy. Everyone higher up involved in the planning of January 6th (*ahem, cough, certain members of Congress) now know the charge for conspiring at higher levels.

And lo and behold, the world has suddenly changed! Alex Jones doesn’t want any more of this infighting, we should be coming together as a nation!

Conspiracy on top of conspiracy, MAGA versus MAGA, but more than anything, the arrests need to stop! We need peace! We need to come together!

It is a little late for that, Jonesey. You had your chance between November 3rd and January 20th of 2020 and blew it. Now the arrests are coming. Finally, Garland really doesn’t have a choice anymore. Alex Jones might want to find a small island nation somewhere with satellite radio access and no expedition treaty with the United States.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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