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Senate Candidate Produces Such a Vile ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Ad That Yahoo is Refusing to Run It

Yahoo rejected the use of an ad on its website that was created by a Republican running for a Senate seat because that ad included the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon”, which is widely known to be slang for “F**k Joe Biden.” The trend was originally started when a reporter claimed a crowd had been chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” at a NASCAR race that included Brandon Brown, when in fact the crowd had been chanting the latter statement.

The candidate who used this phrase in his campaign commercial was Jim Lamon, who is running against the incumbent democratic candidate  Mark Kelley in the November Senate election. The commercial starts with the strong phrase “If you are pissed off about the direction of our country, let’s go,” and after repeating several sentences that end with “let’s go”, the entire commercial is finished by him saying the full “Let’s Go Brandon”.

At the very end of the advertisement when he says the statement that caused the commercial to be rejected, the viewer can also hear a crowd chanting the euphemism in the background. Yahoo, however, emailed Lamon’s team to let them know that the use of the phrase would mean it could not be used on their website because it would be considered “overly inflammatory and offensive.”

The ad is available for viewing on Jim Lamon’s official Youtube page, despite not making its way onto Yahoo’s website. For many, the “Let’s Go Brandon” section of the commercial may be the least offensive part, as it is riddled with other sentences such as: “If you’re ready to secure the border and stop the invasion, let’s go.”