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Steve Bannon Says MAGAs Will Impeach and Arrest Biden in 2022 After Win

It is really hard to believe that Steve Bannon once worked for Goldman Sachs. They don’t give those jobs away and he wasn’t cleaning the floors. But then something happened.

He is not one of those who only became crazy after meeting up with Trump, he was well on his way beforehand. Bannon wants a more fascist government. Bannon is the one who came up with the term “deep state.”

But he is a bit confused as to how government works – which is also a bit strange for a guy who worked at Goldman Sachs, unless he’s just throwing red meat out there that his audience might believe. It could go either way.

Bannon assures his audience that once the GOP takes the House and Senate (House is likely, the Senate is 50-50), they will impeach and then arrest Biden. Biden’s crime will be allowing people to come into the country across the border. Biden is not allowing people to do so and immigration policy is not a crime. But, as we’ve seen, the MAGAs often like to take the law and Constitution into their own hands. It’s why they’re so dangerous.

There is NO DOUBT that the House will impeach Biden, probably at least twice, if not three times – that’s what they do. They don’t care if there’s a crime. You do not get to impeach their guy (Twice!) and get away with it. Investigating and impeaching is a Republican prerogative. As for who is going to arrest Biden, who will be president and, maybe Bannon doesn’t remember, but it is the DOJ that arrests people, and they do not do so while a president is in office.

Here is Bannon explaining the situation to his audience, and listen to the anger and conviction in his voice, as if Joe Biden was Stalin:

“Preserve your documents because after impeachment, they’re going to put you up on criminal charges. Criminal charges for allowing this country to be invaded by your actions.”

Good luck, Steve.


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