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Susan Collins Mocked for Whining After Sen. Ossoff Brutally Calls Her Out for Being a Giant Hypocrite

Thank you, Stacey Abrams, for helping to send two of the best new Democratic senators going to Washington. Unfortunately, one of the greatest speakers in the Senate, Georgia’s Sen. Warnock, also the head pastor at MLK’s church, is in a position set to expire in 2022 because he ran for a seat that had been vacated four years in. Senator Warnock speaks as beautifully as one would expect of a pastor with his prestige combined with being a U.S. Senator. He is so good it’s almost unfair.

But yesterday, it was Sen. Ossoff’s turn to make waves, not so much with an impassioned speech, but by nailing Sen. Susan Collins, the “moderate” (In reputation only) from Maine, whose vote yesterday contradicted itself 100% from her position over the years:

Collins argued that the Voting Rights Act still allows the Justice Department to challenge laws if they restrict voting rights. Ossoff countered that a Supreme Court decision in 2013 gutted a portion of the law that allowed the DOJ to block voting restrictions in states with a history of racial discrimination before they went into effect, a provision the act named for John Lewis would restore.

Ossoff noted that Collins previously said that reauthorizing the 1965 Voting Rights Act would “ensure that the voting rights afforded to all Americans are protected” and accused Republicans of hypocrisy for praising the late Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., while opposing the bill named after him.

The confrontation was so intense that Collins mentioned filing a complaint for questioning the motives of another Senator.

One other note, Sen. Semina, the Senator that should feel the most shame about her vote (Manchin’s played it both ways forever) humiliated herself by saying:

…. Sinema argued that if the filibuster rule was changed Republicans could roll back voting rights and impose other partisan legislation with a simple majority.

Correct. She is 100% right. But she also knows that the moment Mitch McConnell is majority leader again, he’ll have a change of heart and the filibuster will be no more, allowing the Republicans to make it worse, rather than roll back laws. After all, McConnell already broke the 60 vote rule with respect to SCOTUS nominees and did it without a single Democratic vote.

She knows McConnell will not keep the filibuster sacrosanct. She also knows that she loves the corporate money rolling in and being the new Arizona “maverick,” despite the fact that she’s not going to win the Democratic primary in her next election. That’s okay, she has bigger plans and could run as the Republican.

Twitter had a field day:

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