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Ted Cruz Throws an Absolute Hissy Fit and Pounds the Podium and Twitter Can’t Stop Mocking Him

Just once, just once – okay, someone is going to have to ask Joe Biden about not wearing a mask while he’s at the podium speaking. It doesn’t matter that all reporters, from the right and from the left, have turned “Find Joe Biden without a Mask” into their new game of “Gotcha!” Anyone who has watched a single presidential news conference or White House press briefing knows. But Ted Cruz wants someone to fcking ask Joe Biden about a gaw-damned mask, got it!!

Ted Cruz should be in favor of masks. Ted Cruz should be in favor of anything that makes him less recognizable to the American public

On a slightly more serious note, something really is wrong with Ted Cruz of late and we’re not just talking about the fact that he’s done weird things and people hate him. That is normal. To be abnormally Ted Cruz, something has to really stand out and, of course, he’s done a lot of things that have stood out lately.

It is not normal for a sitting Senator to do the “Let’s Go Brandon” thing. Even Ron Johnson didn’t do that. It isn’t normal to imply that the FBI was involved in starting the insurrection (And the FBI was under Trump at the time!!!!!) – something he is still doing, as of yesterday, and it is not normal to be hitting the table asking for bipartisan questions above wearing masks while standing at a podium answering questions.

Watch this freak show really get his freak on by taking his anger out on some poor report who probably doesn’t want Omicron:

And so off the net they went: