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Tucker Carlson is FURIOUS that Brett Kavanaugh is So Liberal, ‘He Cried at His Confirmation!’

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down decisions regarding Joe Biden’s orders mandating that larger companies with over a certain number of people must vaccinate their employees. They also decided a separate case involving an order regarding healthcare workers being vaccinated.

The SCOTUS struck down Biden’s order on the larger companies but upheld the rule on healthcare workers.

Even some of the dimmest bulbs out there understand that the Supreme Court – indeed any court – doesn’t decide cases based upon whether they think it is a good idea or not. The issue in the cases that the SCOTUS addressed yesterday was whether President Biden had the authority under currently existing OSHA rules to force larger companies to vaccinate their employees. The question about whether he had authority over demanding that healthcare employers or independent workers must be vaccinated is covered under a different OSHA rule (hence the separate case).

Anyone reading this, and every senior in high school taking civics right now understands this. Tucker Carlson understands this.

But either Tucker Carlson doesn’t believe that the laws as written should matter much anymore, or he just wants to whine to his audience that Brett Kavanaugh is a liberal.  To be sure, some judges hate OSHA as a matter of principle because OSHA costs companies money. OSHA makes companies install ventilation and protective equipment and stuff that gets employees from being killed or maimed, but – again, that costs money. A dead employee isn’t that expensive.

Some justices are going to look for any chance to limit OSHA’s power. Some justices are going to look to strengthen OSHA’s power. Some just look at the rule and try to decide whether the facts fit the rule. Yesterday, the SCOTUS decided the facts didn’t fit the rules for large companies but did for healthcare workers. Period.

Brett Kavanaugh ruled that Biden had the authority with healthcare workers. Listen to how Tucker frames the argument. He says that Kavanaugh has decided that Joe Biden knows better than ER doctors and nurses about whether to take the vaccine.

Except that isn’t within the same universe as to how they actually decided the case. It was decided by interpreting an OSHA rule under prior precedent as determined by previous courts, that’s all.

But listen to Tucker talk about Kavanaugh the liberal, and how they should have known that Kavanaugh was a liberal because he cried hi hearings.

Yeah. Tucker. Good idea. Tell your audience that the SCUTUS decides cases like this one whether they would have done so or not, or whether they think it’s a good idea or not.


Jason Miciak and Nicol Hickman

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