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Country Rocked: Georgia Lawyers Fighting Marjorie Taylor-Greene File Perjury Charges After She Lied on the Stand

This is going to get complicated because Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene testified before an administrative law judge. That certainly doesn’t mean that it is legal to lie under oath. It is 100% illegal. But the process itself might get a bit convoluted, even if the country doesn’t know it yet. It is critical and the first steps have been taken. The lawyers for the voters challenging Marjorie Taylor-Greene have filed motions to bring about a perjury charge or at least a perjury finding by the administrative law judge. From there it would go either directly to a regular judge or to the prosecutor for actual prosecution.

Lawyers for voters seeking to bar the far-right Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress over her support for the January 6 insurrection have accused her of lying in a hearing in the case.

In a filing Friday, lawyers for groups challenging Greene said a text from the Georgia congresswoman to then White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, released by the House committee investigating January 6, shows she lied in testimony.

At the hearing in Atlanta earlier this month, a fractious affair in front of an administrative judge, Greene said she could not recall advocating for Donald Trump to impose martial law after the Capitol attack, as the then president sought to remain in power despite losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

And, of course,  this will make a referral to the district attorney to consider. We don’t allow citizens to prosecute other citizens with crimes anymore. But the lie is right there on the text to Mark Meadows, which she surely didn’t count upon, and one would certainly think that advocating for or against martial law would be something someone would remember.


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