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Devin Nunes Completely Humiliates Himself After Claiming Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ is ‘Beating Twitter’

If there’s one thing Donald President excels at it’s being a failure. He’s gone bankrupt six times and ran a massive scam known as “Trump University” that crashed and burned. That spawned a ginormous lawsuit resulting in a $25 million settlement. He lost the 2020 presidential election by a wide margin — and fired up his supporters to mob the Capitol building in a siege that ultimately failed.

Donald Trump’s first and ONLY post on his social media site “Truth Social”.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that his waste-of-time social media platform Truth Social is also failing. But CEO Devin Nunes doesn’t seem to see it that way, Uproxx reports. Top company rats, er, I mean execs (sorry rats) are abandoning the sinking ship, users are complaining about censorship, sign up rates have plunged by more than 90 percent but for Nunes, it’s all hearts and flowers.

He’s busily bragging about how hugely successful the platform is, in a clear example that this is a man who’s definitely disconnected from reality. It led Uproxx to note:

“The problem? It’s all lies, and Nunes hasn’t even done a good job of covering the smell.”

In a ludicrous interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Nunes was asked to comment on Elon Musk’s buying up Twitter stock, The Daily Beast reports. This move makes Musk the company’s largest shareholder. Bartiromo wanted to know what Nunes thought about the leadership change at the tech giant.

As hard as it is to believe, Trump actually gave the Medal of Freedom to Rep. Devin Nunes. Disgusting. Taken Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Nunes was part of a panel but his comments left everyone befuddled when he said Musk will make changes, of course, but Truth Social is already outperforming Twitter.

Nunes even went so far as to say this:

“It’s clear that Twitter is kind of a ghost town. There’s not very much activity over at Twitter right now, especially when you compare it to sites like ours. Our interactions are already beating Twitter.”

Bartiromo, who’s usually Team Trump, did something that’s unusual for her — she and the panel put Nunes’ feet to the fire. She actually did her job for once as she and her guests — all experts — grilled him on Truth Social’s numerous failings. Among the failings they quizzed Nunes over a  — including a towering waitlist and goofed-up app rollout on Apple’s iTunes.

Nunes was, however, stuck on repeat and he reiterated his thoughts that once the “bots” were removed from Twitter, the social media giant would simply be a “ghost town.”

“Twitter is a house of cards and a ghost town,” Nunes said in a fit of defiance at one point, but that prompted panel member and Wall Street investor Lou Basenese to interject: “Sir, there’s 217 million users there though. It’s not a ghost town.”

Either Nunes is trying to blow smoke up Trump’s… never mind, or the man is as delusional as the former president he so fervently supports.

Twitter had a field day:

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