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How Republicans Behaved When Jackson Was Confirmed Was Despicable — And CNN’s Gloria Borger Called Them Out for It

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger had some sharp and well-deserved words for the “rude” Republicans who stormed out of the U.S. Senate Chamber without clapping for Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Borger, appearing on CNN Newsroom alongside a few of her colleagues Thursday to share her thoughts on the Senate’s 53-47 vote confirming Jackson as the nation’s first African-American woman to the Supreme Court, Mediaite reports. Democrats in the Chamber met the vote with a standing ovation but several Republicans, in a particularly childish move were seen walking out in the midst of the applause.

Borger noted only three Republicans thought outside the party box and voted in Jackson’s favor with the Democrats but then turned her attention — and her criticism to the Republicans who “could not leave that chamber quickly enough. And I think it was rude!”

Ketanji Brown Jackson and Joe Biden embrace while watching the Senate vote © Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg

And she told Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) a thing or two. She chided Paul for being late to the vote and criticized Graham for voting from the Cloak Room because he wasn’t wearing a tie.

“I think it was rude that Rand Paul was late. Maybe he had a late flight, so we’ll give him that excuse,” she said. “But I mean…Ali Zaslov and our hill team is reporting that Lindsey Graham wasn’t wearing the required tie, so he had to vote from outside the chamber in the cloakroom. Okay. But this is a moment in history, and you ought to show up! Whether you agree with the outcome or not, you need to pay this woman the respect that she is due! And you need to do that for any Supreme Court nominee.”

President Joe Biden and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson take a photo as Jackson was confirmed to be a justice on the Supreme Court on Thursday, April 7. (@potus/Instagram)

Borger also cited recent polls showing that Jackson is well-supported among the American people.

“I think the public was against those people who decided they couldn’t stay in that chamber,” Borger said. “This may boomerang for them (let’s hope so). But at the very least, even if you disagree with the result, you can honor her achievement, and they couldn’t stay to do that.”

U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) (R) meets with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson (L) on March 29, 2022. Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

I’ve included these clips below, which illustrate just how low Republicans can go. Shame on them!


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