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Lauren Boebert Believes It Should Be Illegal to Come Out as LGBTQ Under the Age of 21

If you are Lauren Boebert, you believe that someone is old enough to vote and discern who should be representing us in Washington DC, as well as old enough to make an incredibly brave and mature decision to serve one’s country, while at the same time, unprepared to determine your sexuality… but only if it is LGBTQ, unless she wants straight people to stay in the closet too… which means the prom is gone… which means Lauren Boebert is stupid AF. She wants to make it illegal for LGBTQ people to come out until age 21. Fine. Deal. If it applies to straight people, too.

We should note that this is the same woman who dropped out of high school to have her baby, something we don’t mock. It was her decision to make. It was intensely personal, we have no right to judge it, and may have been right for her and her family. We sure as hell are going to mock, and get angry, that she thinks the rules should be different for LGBTQ kids.

From Alternet:

Right-wing QAnon conspiracy theorist and United States Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) on Friday asked the Twitter audience to explain to her why the law does not “require” LGBTQ+ Americans to wait until they are 21 years old to come out.

Boebert, a radically socially conservative high-school dropout who supports unfettered access to firearms, drew absurd parallels between LGBTQ+ identity struggles and established legal limitations on who can buy “alcohol beverages” and cigarettes. She also stated that sexuality is a choice, which it is not.

Is there anyone reading this that doesn’t recall a boy or girl in our class that everyone knew, everyone, around the 7th or 8th grade, was either gay or lesbian? (The other options were even less accepted and thus never really considered options for kids maturing through puberty.) It is obviously not a decision unless Lauren can tell us, with a straight face, that at about age 13 or 14, she decided she would pick being straight after considering the other options.

Consider this, a high school party, fairly responsible kids, maybe a movie on, maybe a few beers open, girls and boys there, close friends being pretty good kids. One kid says, “Hey, guys, I just think it’s time to tell people, I’m gay.” (It’s been our experience that on those occasions in our lives when this happened, the response was always, “We know,” and everyone moves on as if nothing happened). But under Boebert’s scenario, is a kid supposed to dial 911… “I’d like to report a crime… ”

So stupid.

And one of our favorite responses:

No, silly. You ARE straight until age 21 and only then can you decide “This straight stuff isn’t for me. I want to be marginalized in much of society and risk being hated and beaten up by some people or turned down for a job because I find I’m attracted to my friend.”


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