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Chuck Todd’s Show Kicked to Streaming: MSNBC Finally Listening to Its Viewers Who Wanted Him GONE

When you have been on the real cable service, anchoring a mid-day program daily (in addition to the weekend Meet the Press), this isn’t good news:

Chuck Todd‘s Meet the Press Daily — an extension of NBC’s venerable news program Meet the Press — is relocating from MSNBC to streaming outlet NBC News NOW, where it will now be known as Meet the Press NOW. The newly branded hour will stream weekdays at 4 pm ET beginning Monday, June 6.

Streaming may be the future… maybe, but it’s not the now, and there’s not one person that doesn’t see this as a giant demotion. Neither liberals nor Republicans can stand Chuck Todd, which might normally indicate that he’s doing a decent job right in the middle. Except that’s not the problem and this is coming from a site that gives Todd far more leeway than most liberals.

No, Chuck’s problem is that all too often, he’s willing to sit and listen to an absolute bullshit answer but then move on without the logical follow-up, being – “What you said is wrong, because XYZ are the last three letters as demonstrated here…” Chuck wants to get the best guests, and the way to get the best guests is to give them a platform to speak and stay out of their way.

But that’s not journalism, and Chuck really is the worst of them. Liberals have been saying it a long time. There are some people that think it’s possible that Trevor Noah, who roasted Todd at the WHCD, by bringing up the follow-up question, might have pushed MSNBC into doing something they’d been considering anyway. It could have been the last straw:

It is not just one internet guy who has this theory. The venerable Charlie Pierce, longtime sports and political reporter, believed he had seen this before:

We will see. For now, Chuck Todd is still doing Meet the Press on Sunday. But he best be careful, Nicolle Wallace is sitting right there.


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