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CPAC Chief Matt Schlapp Whines About Being Unable to Buy a Dishwasher in the ‘Biden Years’: DC Pundits BURY Him on Twitter

“Our dishwasher broke yesterday. I was informed that a replacement will take over a year. I barely remember the Carter years. No one will ever forget the Biden years. A year to wait on a common appliance. Socialists have made building things in America a Green Nightmare.”

Matt Schlapp, Tweet, 1:37 PM · May 11, 2022

It is extremely difficult to tell how it was that Matt Schlapp rose to the top of CPAC. Perhaps they couldn’t find a whiter man in the country, one that better embodies that plastic veneer of the Christian Conservatives, the kind of guy that marries a woman named Mercedes. (Yes, that’s a cheap shot but go with it.)

The Schlapp’s have a gorgeous home and I highly doubt they are suffering from not having a dishwasher. I know this might shock them, but dishes can also be washed by hand (the horror!).

Matt was doing what people in the MAGA movement do. He was lying, big. And when a prominent guy tells that big a lie that is so easily disproven, a lot of people LEAP to prove him wrong. The first and best to leap is one of our favorite spunky reporters on MSNBC, Stephanie Rhule:

Matt should have taken his lumps. He should have realized who he was dealing with. Stephanie Rhule is tiny and yet was a titanic banker and must have gotten bored or felt that she had a higher calling, and went into media, working with MSNBC. She is a force of nature when it comes to talking about the economy for women and the poor of every color. But Matt didn’t walk away. He thought he had something:


Again, based on his beautiful home, it’s very tasteless for Schlapp to whine about not having a dishwasher.

Matt likes to get his hands dirty, kick the doors, roll the rolls, ask about drying time, etc., then look for a special deal because he’s “Matt Schlapp, Trump’s friend.” Right.

You can only imagine what came next:

Yes, that’s about that, Matt. Don’t take on Steph, or America’s liberals, Matt. It may work with the MAGAs but not us.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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