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Elon Musk Burns Twitter to the Ground by Admitting It’s All About ‘Owning the Libs’

Holy shit.

Elon Musk, who previously was thought to be a forward-looking thinker, one concerned about humanity’s survival as a species and concerned about the globe, turns out to be racist enough to overcome all of that and be a fully closeted MAGA? (There were always rumors about the white South African from a powerful and wealthy white family).

And yet today, Musk admitted to just that. This guy is supposed to be a genius at making money, squeezing profits out of companies by seeing things most people don’t. Right now, he sounds like the latest incarnation of the Everything Trump Touches Dies thing.

The Right Is Ecstatic Elon Musk Bought Twitter to ‘Literally Own the Libs’

His bid for Twitter is falling apart. He didn’t do any due diligence on a $44 billion dollar investment. He watched his Tesla stock nosedive on the news of buying a younger, hotter, new mate. Tesla stock makes up the vast majority of his wealth thus the 20% drop in Tesla stock made this buy vastly more expensive to Musk than $44 billion. Additionally, crypto-king Musk must be aghast about the fact that crypto has shed about $1.7 trillion in value from the world’s economy in about a month. So if you were going to buy a social media company, which – by definition, is valued upon the number of people of all types participating, why would you admit to being full MAGA wanting to piss off liberals? Why would you admit that it’s always been about owning the libs?

“Owned the libs” is a pure MAGA phrase. Surprised he left off the “libtard” part. The great Molly Jong-Fast had the best response:

Molly’s referencing the billion-dollar penalty that Musk must pay if he backs out of the deal. Eh, it’s only a billion dollars. It would be like me paying the $50 ticket except the $50 hurts me.

Remember, Musk isn’t exactly a good guy.

Twitter had a lot to say to Musk, some of it pretty entertaining:

It is almost ashes.

AND OF COURSE the MAGAs loved it. He is 100% MAGA and hid it for so long:


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