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HILARIOUS: Maria Bartiromo Desperately Tries to Cut Off Don Jr.’s RAPID Rant and Has ZERO Success

Unlike the MAGAs, we fully admit that it is absurd for laymen watching video, often just splices, to make any sort of conclusion – definitive conclusion – as to what might be physically wrong with someone or causing concerning behavioral changes.

Twitter has convinced itself that Don Jr. has a cocaine problem, and they have a lot of evidence to go by, but not the critical physical exam and urinalysis. Which seems important. But compared to other issues that Junior might have, a cocaine issue would be something less serious than some others. Addiction is one of this country’s most serious problems, but it can be treated, not always successfully, but often enough that there is a lot of hope for those who simply give up and allow themselves to be treated.

Don Jr.’s issues manifest themselves in many ways from the physical to the behavioral. Though it isn’t much of a scientific experiment, we at least have one control in place. His brother, Eric, is as stupid as fck – as always, but appears healthier and more confident than he has before. The same cannot be said for Junior.

Maria Bartiromo, for reasons that could involve some pretty ugly stuff, has become as big a MAGA out there and knows that she needs to save Junior from himself occasionally. Watch Junior uncontrollably rage, faster than any speed reader, about absolute gibberish, to the point that he’s unknowingly humiliating himself and Maria tries to jump in three times – the last one was hardcore, and is ignored each time.

Junior has a problem and Maria cannot seem to save him even from a basic interview:

Twitter, what do you think?

All true.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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