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Marjorie Isn’t Convinced Mental Health Medication is the Answer to Gun Violence: Suggests We ‘Return’ to God


When did this country leave God? Because, at least with respect to Christianity, the United States remains one of the most religious nations on Earth. We are certainly the world leader in sending “thoughts and prayers” to family members grieving that week’s slaughter.

No one at this site would rule out that people can better themselves through their faith but it certainly doesn’t seem like a prescription to ending the nation’s gun violence, at least not the prayers that Republicans are sending up to God. It would seem that people who follow a man whose greatest sermon included endorsing “peacemakers” might have some reservations about making military-grade assault rifles available to teens.

But Marjorie Taylor Greene has the entire situation figured out. While many of her colleagues are trying to talk about needing more mental health resources (Which is true, just not the problem), Marjorie already knows more than the mental health professionals, who are unaware of the fact that their medications often don’t work. Marjorie was sure to tell them.

Yes, we are placing this image in every story about Uvalde. We want you to see their faces. God, they mattered.

Marj then admonished the nation that the real answer was to return to God which will upset those Americans who never left or have done so already. What Marj doesn’t realize is that things like this put doubt in the minds of many as to whether God, if one exists, hasn’t written this country off altogether. One couldn’t blame him:

That’s kind of odd because we haven’t really heard much about Marjorie being a deeply religious person who lives out a calling. Of course, that’s none of our business, and it’s none of Marjorie’s business regarding what we teach our youngest generations. Our “business” involves doing concrete things to stop the slaughter and we do not for one second believe that these only happen in the United States because the rest of the world has already returned to God.

Ban the gdamned “AR-15,” raise the minimum age to buy any firearm to 21, create a 30-day waiting period, and conduct universal background checks, that’s the minimum prescription. I just prayed and God told me. Is Marj willing to listen?


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