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Marjorie Taylor Greene Blows Up at Reporter Challenging Her on Putin and Ukraine

All week we have heard Russian propaganda from those MAGAs closest to Trump. Flynn, Bannon, Tucker, Tulsi (Why did Tucker book Tulsi? Russia calls Telsi their asset), and today it was Marjorie Taylor Greene.

As you will see in the video clip below, the reporter simply wanted to know whether Marjorie cared about Ukrainians. She would not admit to caring about Ukrainians. She said that she cares about Americans, quite the dodge. She would not even admit to caring about Ukrainians which one could say while holding her position. She then said she cares about Americans and we should solve our problems here at home and stay out of Ukraine and stop spending our money with Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently fired back at a reporter over questions on Russian propaganda. MTG just screams that they are fake news, and never actually answers the questions.

We do care about Ukrainians. We care about holocausts. People talked about “Never Again” for 70 years, and it is systematically happening again. Mass graves? We are the world’s richest nation (and armed to the teeth), and have an imperfect history but one that has bent toward fulfilling our moral and ethical duty to come to the aid of a country of a democracy invaded by a dictator looking for power. (Yes, in Chile we did the exact opposite, which is why Kissinger is a war criminal, as said, an imperfect record but overall good.)

But we do have to keep our focus on problems here at home, too, which is why American troops are not fighting in Ukraine. Additionally, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has thrown a world economy, rocked by COVID already, into further disarray and it would only get worse if Putin controlled “the world’s breadbasket” and free access to the Black Sea.

It is also in the interests of good Americans to deprive Putin of as much power as possible since we have seen the damage he can do every time we go to get gas or frozen pizza stocked by trucks that run on even higher-priced diesel.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently voted against Ukraine aid because America is ‘failing country’.

But Marjorie didn’t lose it because she doesn’t know how much our aid in Ukraine helps this country in the short and long term. She lost it because she’s supposed to oppose aid to Ukraine because that is Russia’s foremost concern. Russia is desperate for a movement to build up among the MAGAs to forget who invaded what and keep “America First.”


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