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Marjorie Taylor Greene Bought Herself a Sweet New $92,000 Ride With Campaign Money

We already know that Marjorie “Jewish Space Lasers” Taylor Greene loves conspiracy theories, but apparently, she also loves fancy (read: expensive) vehicles. She also doesn’t seem to have minded using campaign donations to buy herself that luxury vehicle that came with a $92,000 price tag, The Peach Pundit [1] reports. That’s according to data compiled [2] by the Federal Election Commission (FEC.)

Hey, you’d be smiling too if you just got a brand new luxury SUV for free!

But what Greene, perhaps unwittingly, has also done is throw a potential monkey wrench into her own primary chances. This isn’t just because of the fancy nature of the vehicle, rather, it’s also because retired Americans are Greene’s second-largest source of donations. That’s right — she basically looted these folks’ Social Security checks to purchase this tricked-out vehicle from a Buick/GMC dealership, OpenSecrets.org [3] reports. Indeed, OpenSecrets lists “retired” people as Greene’s second-largest industry.

Just exactly what vehicle she bought isn’t set in stone but the Peach Pundit did a tour of the GMC website [4] and speculates that she’s ordered a 2022 GMC Yukon XL SUV with just about every amenity and add-on that there is.

“As of the time of writing, the website [5] of the dealership in question shows no vehicles for sale with a sticker price above $81,860,” the Peach Pundit reports. “That would get you a brand spanking new 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 HD AT4 truck complete with leather upholstery, two first row LCD monitors, a premium GMC infotainment system and six speakers. So whatever MTG bought, it’s swankier than this.”

Sure this is unethical, but unfortunately, it’s also completely legal. Ethics, however, has never been this woman’s strong suit. Especially when you consider her ties [6] to the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol building.

Marj probably feels like she can get away with anything…after all, recently a judge decided she could remain on the ballot in Georgia, despite the fact the participated in an insurrection.

Jason, [7] writing for Peach Pundit, couldn’t help but note:

“You’ve got to wonder how old ladies living in California, Texas, or Florida — because as noted, MTG raises more money in each of these states than she does in Georgia [8] — contemplating having to switch over to cat food to make their Social Security checks stretch so they can occasionally toss $5 here or there to MTG would feel about this.”

It’s pretty amazing how a woman who arguably has the IQ of a peanut can somehow manage to finagle a fancy vehicle out of retirees living on Social Security. But since they are helping to support her, then perhaps none of them are terribly bright either.

At any rate, Twitter has thoughts: