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Marjorie Taylor Greene Feels White Supremacy is Suffering Unfair Scrutiny and We Should Focus on Illegal Immigration Instead

The Buffalo supermarket shooting is a clear-cut case of rabid White supremacy. After all the shooter posted his racist hate all over the social media and targeted a Black neighborhood. This was White nationalism at its most evil, but Marjorie Taylor Greene, who apparently lives in an alternative reality, doesn’t see it that way.

In an interview on Real America’s Voice, Saturday argued that “it’s not about race” because not all mass murderers are White.

“Jerry Nadler (D-New York) was on the House floor and he was talking about White Supremacy,” she said. “And he was bringing up the terrible shooting that happened in New York but totally ignoring the shooting that happened in California that I think involved an Asian man who was the shooter, totally ignoring the guy that drove his car, Black man that drove his car through a Christmas parade in [Waukesha, Wisconsin], killing people, completely ignoring the Black man that did the New York subway shooting.”

And it would really be nice if Greene would acquaint herself with reality here. According to Statista, which keeps records of such things:

“Between 1982 and May 2022, 68 out of the 127 mass shootings in the United States were carried out by White shooters. By comparison, the perpetrator was African-American iin 21 mass shootings, and Latino in 10. When calculated as percentages this amoungs to 53 percent, 16 percent, and eight percent respectively.”

Of course MTG doesn’t want to talk about white supremacy. She is one, and one of her conservative buddies just committed a horrific crime in Buffalo, based on him being a white supremacist.

But as I’ve written before, Greene is quite often fact-free, so this isn’t surprising. Obviously, the amount of mass shootings by Whites towers over those committed by Blacks, but Marj continued on her racist path, Mediaite reports.

“These people are all guilty of these crimes ant it’s not about race,” she said. “It shouldn’t be about race. But they’re clearly racist as well, so White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target.”

“We should be more concerned about the illegal invasion at the border, the crime happening every single day on our streets, especially in cities like Chicago,” Greene continued. “We should go after criminals that break the law and not pursue people based on their skin color and how they vote. But that’s what the Democrats want to do.”

I wonder if she ever realizes how stupid she sounds sometimes. She cites three crimes committed by people of color and then says it “shouldn’t be about race,” which is exactly what she’s making it out to be. Especially when she talks about the “illegal invasion” and says “White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target.”

This woman can’t keep a single straight thought in her head, now can she?


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