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Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliates With Stupid Tweet That She Quickly Deletes — But the Internet is Forever

In an already-deleted post on Twitter, Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene mistook a tweet from 2012 as current. She berated Dr. Mehmet Oz for not being in America while he’s running for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

The Trump-backed candidate that other Republicans decry for not having been a hardcore conservative his whole life tweeted back in 2012 about being in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

Greene thought it was current. This year’s WEF doesn’t begin for more than a week.

She said that attending it was against “America First,” a policy created by Donald Trump. We presume she said that because Oz is endorsed by Trump.

Maybe she doesn’t realize that Trump himself attended the World Economic Forum while he was president.

In fact, at the first World Economic Forum that Trump attended in 2018, protesters turned out in huge numbers.

MTG is not very detail-orientated, and made a major mistake when she thought Dr. Oz’s tweet was recent, when it was written in 2012.

A screenshot by Ron Filipkowski captured Greene’s idiotic mistake:

Green tweeted “Switzerland is a beautiful country, but joining the Economic Forum is 100% AGAINST America First. You should board a plane asap and come back home. Talk to REAL Americans and learn what serving THEM in the U.S. Senate would mean IF they elect you.”

Marjorie had another meltdown on Thursday when she went after a reporter for daring to ask about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

She’s clearly unconcerned with her public perception. Either that, or she really is as stupid as she seems, so she honestly has no idea what’s going on at any given moment.

Obviously, the latter is the case here, since a decade has passed since Dr, Oz said any of this.